The 2017 Queen City Hackathon has ended. Thank you to everyone who came out. See you in 2018!

Data Science for Improving Charlotte

Do you believe data analytics can improve the lives of people in Charlotte? Show us how in the Queen City's most anticipated data science and machine learning hackathon. Registration is now open!


The Goal

Charlotte is an awesome city to live in, but like every city, it comes with challenges- skyrocketing housing prices, a lack of economic mobility, rush-hour gridlock, rising crime rates, and more. We believe Charlotte's robust tech community can help lead the effort to improve life in the city by using data science and machine learning.

This Hackathon is open to all! We will have data science and engineering mentors on-hand to lend advice to teams.

What You’ll Do

  • Choose a dataset related to improvement in Charlotte

  • Train a machine learning model

  • Build an engineering solution that allows a user to interact with the model or
    enables the model to serve decisions to an application.

The Prize

Stuff about what dat prize is


Red Ventures
1101 Red Ventures Dr,
Fort Mill, SC 29707

Date & Time

Start: 6pm on Friday, November 10th
End: 6pm on Saturday, November 11th

Hackathon FAQ

You have Qs? We have As. For anything not covered here, feel free to email our organizers at

  • Q: What is this?

    A: Queen City Hackathon is a 24-hour coding marathon focused on using data science and machine learning for social good.

  • Q: If I can't stay the whole 24 hours, can I still participate?

    A: Of course! We realize a full 24 hours is a major time commitment, and you may have other things you need to do (like shower and sleep!). We strongly encourage you to be present for the first few hours to hear the idea pitches, and the final few hours for presentations and judging. You'll also need to be physically present to qualify for any raffle prizes.

  • Q: How big can my team be?

    A:  1-4 members, and everyone must register individually for the event.

  • Q:  Can I get a head start on my hack?

    A:  Kinda. We want to ensure a level playing field for all teams, so all code and assets must be created during the Hackathon. It's a rule and if you break it, your team could be disqualified. However, you are free to make plans, create wireframes and brainstorm ideas prior to the event.

  • Q: What are the prizes?

    A:  We are awarding $10,000+ in prize money to winning teams, determined by a panel of judges. Final amounts for first, second, and third place teams will be announced soon, along with an overview of the criteria our judges will use!

  • Q: Can I use external APIs, services and SDKs?

    A: Sure! We encourage you to use and third party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries and frameworks as long as they are publicly available on the web.

  • Q: Who owns the intellectual property generated at the Hackathon?

    A: See the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page.

  • Q: What if I don't know how to code?

    A:  No problem! We only ask that you come ready to learn and contribute ideas. We will have data science and engineering mentors on hand to lend advice to teams.

  • Q:  What are the demos like?

    A:  Each team will get 120 seconds to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. A/V support, a projector and a microphone will be provided. Your hack will be judged based on accuracy, completion, innovation, and how well it fits the theme of improving economic mobility in our city.

  • Q: What datasets will be provided?

    A:  We are providing six datasets, and you can use one or multiple of these datasets as part of your project. You are also welcome to use your own publicly-available dataset(s) in addition to or in lieu of our provided datasets.

    • City of Charlotte 311 Requests: Contains 311 requests from 1992 to 2017 with location, nature of request, and timestamp.

    • Charlotte Agenda News Articles: Contains articles from the Charlotte Agenda and suitable for text analysis, visualizations, insights, models, etc.

    • Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Claims: Behavioral and physical service claims made by de-identified individuals. Suitable for predictive analytics, visualizations, consumer clustering, and more.

    • Charlotte Reddit Posts: Contains Charlotte related reddits and subreddits from January 2016 to August 2017, suitable for NLP/NLG, time series modeling, and other predictive analytics applications.

    • Speak Up Magazine Articles: Contains articles written by homeless authors in Charlotte from 2014 to 2017. Suitable for text analysis and visualizations to both better understand and better communicate/expose the experience of the homeless.

    • Charlotte, NC Traffic Incidents: Contains 132,495 traffic incidents in Charlotte from January 2012 through July 2017. Crash information, location, date, and impact information are provided.

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Many thanks to the organizations who helped us make this possible!

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